Domain Change

While I was snoozing

My dot com I was losing 

I suppose that’s OK 

You see at the time I didn’t think I had anything left to say 


It turns out I was wrong 

Noises in my head ringing like a gong

My thoughts, overflowing, like they’re oozing

Deciding where to start is just so confusing


There’s so much to say, so much to do 

I need to get my focus in a world run by fools

Thoughts to be processed

Issues to be addressed


All that and more, like me raving like a loon

Is coming very soon


So was apparently sharked just a few short days before I finally decided it was time to start writing again. So for season 2 we will be at unhidden which I suppose give a clearer indication of what the site is anyway.

Whats this about season 2? Well just hang around a while & I’ll tell you. 


PS: there may be internal site links that do not work, I am changing them as I find them. Basically if you click a link & it doesn’t work, just change the .com to .blog & it will work 🙂

4 thoughts on “Domain Change

Add yours

    1. Well, I guess so, it was just a click or 2, basic functionality seems to be working & all my old posts have the new url. So I think it is just external links or ones embedded in articles that will be an issue, which is going to be an interesting road to navigate as I get back into the blog.

      It was strange, went I went to renew the .com was already taken (apparently by someone in China??) so .blog was the url that made the most sense.

      1. It’s a good choice…I thought about it as well. But maybe I’ll do it later, this winter 🙂
        Good luck with blogging 💪✌️☕️

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