Memorial Day

Memorial Day
Its a happy day, when families gather
watch baseball, eat burgers & drink beer
Its a day when most don’t have to work
When we get to enjoy the company of those we love & enjoy

Take a moment this Memorial Day though
As you should every Memorial Day
To remember how & why this day is possible

This is not a day for politics, or to ponder the right & wrong of the whims of politicians
This is a day to remember the fallen
To celebrate their great sacrifice
This is a day to remember
A day that if you are fortunate enough to call the United States of America home
To be thankful & grateful.

Freedom of speech, Freedom of religion, Freedom to gather & assemble, Freedom to criticize the government without fear of retribution. For all the things this country does wrong, these basic rights that out citizens have are good, very good.

These rights have been protected for centuries now by draftees & volunteers. Who for better or worse have given their last breath to protect all that we hold dear.

So happy Memorial Day (if that is the right way to phrase it). May God bless America & our troops. Say a prayer today for the families of the fallen & also for their brothers & sisters who live with guilt everyday that it was not them instead.

I am eternally grateful for all you have done for us my friends.



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