Perennial Soul

After the death of winter Always comes the spring Green shoots rising up Through the frost covered dirt   After the rotting & seemingly terminal decay After apparent death Comes new life, new hope To my perennial soul

Want to

Want to know Want to show How to fly, oh so high On the cool night sky   Want to go Want to flow Want to taste; Freedom In the falling rain   Want to feel Want to heal Want to hope again In the morning sunrise

Why can we not just have peace?

In this war ravaged planet Most people just want to be peaceful To get on with their lives, go to work, pay their bills Maybe watch a game, drink a beer with a friend, hug their family   They didn't ask for this, we don't want this The world is torn, society is stretched to... Continue Reading →

Is hate the answer? – NO

If hate is the answer You are asking the wrong question If hate is the answer You must be devoid of hope   If you are devoid of hope I can assure you Love is the answer Hate heals nothing   Hate breads only hate The world will end because of hate Or The world... Continue Reading →


We are all just numbers to them aren't we? Pieces in a game To be moved without consequence We have no voice No say Only the facade of choice So we accept, as we must The whims, no sorry, dictatorship ... did it again; The great, not bone headed or selfish at all; Leadership of... Continue Reading →

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