The great European vacation of 2015

The great European vacation of 2015 has begun, for once I took the flight day off, it should have been, as it began, utterly relaxing, however leaving packing until the last minute saw it turn stressful, including realizing I’d left my phone at home 10 minutes into the journey to the airport. We got it... Continue Reading →


  Bed, a little later than intended Not too late A reasonable night’s sleep should still be achievable   Noises Temperature Thoughts He said, she said, I can, I can’t Do this, do that, I should, I won’t, I will Toilet How’s it been an hour already? Sleep You can do it! Just relax Maybe pray Think... Continue Reading →

The Start – Again

Oh hey look, writing, yeah about that … I’m not going to sit here & talk about how I am going to get back on the blogging train, I might, but I can’t make promises right now. Somehow, someway I’ve found myself in a strange place. When I started the blog it was in a... Continue Reading →

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