Welcome to Adulthood

I wonder if they told me? I’m sure they did Yet I probably wasn’t listening, you know I was a kid When you get older it’s not all candy & toys There are all these bills and so much other noise   Welcome to adulthood You get to do some much less with so much... Continue Reading →

Light Of The world

In this dark chaotic world it would be easy to lose hope to lose faith, lose touch, to stop caring so much hate, self righteousness, bigotry There are problems everywhere So much that if you tender your heart it can feel like death   Yet there is another way Where instead of focusing on the... Continue Reading →

A Cold Feeling

A cold feeling As numbness attempts to invade the heart Perfect love feels distant As if fading to black Is this reality Or some twisted fantasy Are eyes open or closed Rapturous chaos Madness ensues White noise like a swirling hurricane Envelopes, overwhelms the senses And then stop . . Quiet ~ ~ Clouds clear... Continue Reading →

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