The Problem is Love?

Is the world burning?

Are these the end times?

Look at the news

Look at social media

What has happened?

Where are we heading?


Murder, rape, slavery

Terrorism, prison brakes

Pirates, dictators, kingpins


Money laundering, tax evasion

Political corruption, corporate corruption

Capitalism, communism, socialism



Domestic abuse

Rampant prejudice

Bullying, pedophilea,


Common decency? Where is that?


Preachers with private jets, telling the world that the biggest problem we have is two people loving each other? really?

People have a right to their own beliefs, just because you do not share them does not give you the right to judge or hate. Especially if you are claiming to do it in the name of Jesus. People claim to be defending the word of God, doing what is right. Did you ever stop to think that if God is really who we claim He is, then how arrogant would that make you, to think that He would need you to defend Him? Share the gospel, not some hate message delivered through false piety.

At times I despair at the world, other times I ignore the world. I wonder sometimes why I write less these days, sometimes it is because to write I need to observe & sometimes this world disgusts me so much that I just want to switch off, to hide in my own little bubble. Then other times I feel like I should rant, because I have the right to my beliefs too. The right to think that each and every person is equal, created with their own path & their own unique beauty. It is not for anyone to judge another, simply to love, help them on their journey if you can. If you cannot comprehend the choices of another, if they are not hurting anyone, just step back & wish them well, they probably don’t need or want your approval anyway.

Peace & love my friends

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