October in August?

It is August Yet they are selling Oktoberfest And pumpkins And Halloween paraphernalia What is this madness? Why is everything so early? I have to know what clothes I’m going to need in January When it’s 100 degrees outside And …. Wait …. They are selling Oktoberfest !! Never mind, you may carry on 😉

An Unusually Quiet Week

This week, I feel like the chairman of the bored Too quiet, too light, not enough to keep my focus Files fade into dusty tumble weeds As emails arrive at an alarmingly manageable pace Nervous laughter fills the room Accountants twitch in their chairs, then leave for a paid lunch The struggles of commerce in... Continue Reading →

50 Word Story: One Degree From Hades

A weary commuter, high on coffee and low on sleep, allows her auto pilot to take her back to work. The mercury dances, just one degree from hades, overheating an overcrowded highway. Chaos all around, this is no traffic symphony, but a free for all, a cacophony of pending disaster.       Thought I'd... Continue Reading →

The Problem is Love?

Is the world burning? Are these the end times? Look at the news Look at social media What has happened? Where are we heading?   Murder, rape, slavery Terrorism, prison brakes Pirates, dictators, kingpins   Money laundering, tax evasion Political corruption, corporate corruption Capitalism, communism, socialism Fuck-it-all-ism   Domestic abuse Rampant prejudice Bullying, pedophilea,  ... Continue Reading →


I am tired Tired of seeing people I care about die Losing the fight to a stupid, evil disease Tired of running from feeling Tired from feeling too much Tired of not knowing the future Tired of caring Tired of not caring Tired of confusion Am I just tired?

This Storm

Thunder rolls As the horizon darkens Lightning flashes A storm approaches   When the rains come They can was things clean Or leave a flood of destruction What does this storm bring?   Tornadoes flash through Ancient trees no match For the destructive power Yet even this storm, will pass   In the morning Fresh... Continue Reading →

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