Where is Humanity?

The world today, life today

I stopped thinking, again

It’s all so ugly, all so broken

Do I really want to think about it?

Or simply sit back, sink into myself


Hate is everywhere

Politicians, media

Businesses, friends

Social media has become toxic

Opinions divide, yet no one cares


When did being right

Become more important than caring?

When did your opinion

Become the only possible valid opinion?

When did hate become the go to response?


I look at the world today & I shake my head

I question everything

What do I feel, what do I believe?

Where is God amongst all this mess?

Even more so, where is humanity?

5 thoughts on “Where is Humanity?

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  1. Reblogged this on Mairu_Mayu's Blog and commented:
    Very true, Entropy is synonymous to our world today. No one has a right to their own opinion…now there’s only one, and apparently it’s the “right” one. If you don’t agree, they bring out the hatred as you said. As quickly as our technology is evolving and recreating itself we are also evolving…but instead of for the better. It’s for the worse. All of our predecessor’s who fought so nobly for our freedom’s of speech, and our rights…everything seems as if it’s all in vain. Smh.

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