The Fire

The flame flickers Extinguishes Leaving only embers Starving for fuel   To Relight the fire Something must be done Fuel must be found Or the fire will become only a memory

Where They Didn’t Used To Grow

I am a little scared I cannot lie About what will happen Later in life It is quite confusing I’m guessing it’s cold Maybe, I really don’t want to know Why as a man grows old He will need extra hairs Where they didn’t used to grow

I Write

I write what I don’t know how to say, I play what I don’t know how to feel, I frustrate, because my expressions are different. I don’t communicate so well and at times, I wish I could, If I could tell you how I feel, I would, But half the time even I don’t really... Continue Reading →


Blood at times is irrelevant You were family in the truest sense of the word You had the deepest of influences A beautiful brother, a beautiful man You were my friend, but more than that, a mentor and a father figure   Your family was an inspiration The moment I entered your house My heart... Continue Reading →

Where is Humanity?

The world today, life today I stopped thinking, again It’s all so ugly, all so broken Do I really want to think about it? Or simply sit back, sink into myself   Hate is everywhere Politicians, media Businesses, friends Social media has become toxic Opinions divide, yet no one cares   When did being right... Continue Reading →

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