LA Beach Morning

A sea of concrete as magnificent as it is alarming
Squeezed between mountains there can be no doubt
You are entering the city of angels
Traffic crowds, even on Sunday night
The air is thick, I suppose you could get used to it
But my head hurts
IMG_1981Calm quiet relaxing morning
I shall take a drive
Visit the Pacific Ocean
Think about that for a second
A lad from Leeds, watching the Pacific surf in person

I love the idea of sand, I’m not sure how I really feel about it though
It just gets in stuff & feels funny


Artists dance in the water
Waiting for the next wave to weave their poetically athletic majesty
Before returning to the tepid ocean
Hopefully having achieved their goal, for that wave at least



IMG_1993A seal suns himself on the beach
Strangely out of place in his natural habitat
A stark reminder that we do indeed share this planet




IMG_1997Nature creates intricate beauty in the sand
Then, almost as if embarrassed quickly tries to wash it away
There may be no more calming sound than that of a small wave breaking and rushing into the shore



IMG_2009As I head back inland, towards the airport, towards work
The hazy grey sky fades in blue serenity
I wonder if it was ocean mist or something entirely more man made


I got to go to LA on business the other week, I had some free time in the morning to stroll on the beach & something to write finally came to me. Then it took me ages to get it on here, but once again, I am going to try to get back to writing, no really I am, I mean it this time 🙂

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