Quick to Hate

People today are so quick to hate Yet so slow to understand So quick to judge Yet so slow to find out the details So quick to reject So slow to realize why they are unhappy Slow down Find out the info Wait to make a judgment call You don’t have to have a cast... Continue Reading →

The Older I Get

The older I get The less time I have Yet the more time I take The older I get   It’s not slowing down But speeding up The notion to think The older I get   As I observe the world with patience, my new friend, It leaves me baffled at the hurry of others... Continue Reading →

Beauty in Pain

There is beauty in pain Not a pretty thing Nor a glossy magazine It's the beauty of reality Of feeling, of being Sometimes from the darkest places Comes the greatest hope The brightest light Yet sometimes it is simply dark And that is ok For there is still beauty in pain

LA Beach Morning

A sea of concrete as magnificent as it is alarming Squeezed between mountains there can be no doubt You are entering the city of angels Traffic crowds, even on Sunday night The air is thick, I suppose you could get used to it But my head hurts Calm quiet relaxing morning I shall take a... Continue Reading →

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