Write Again

What happened to writing? I asked myself this question the other day, sadly the answer is I’m not sure. Somehow over the last few months or longer it has taken more and more of a back seat to other things. That in itself is not really a problem I guess, I mean yes I do have a blog that needs content, but my blog is at the end of the day just one of my hobbies. I do enjoy sharing random thoughts and creations with my wonderful readers, but there is no one pressuring me to write.

That pressure I suppose, if necessary, should come from me. Why pressure myself to write you may ask, if you don’t want to, don’t do it. There are a few good reasons to write, reasons that if I am honest mean I need to make this a priority again, instead of an if the moment takes me thing. I don’t know about you, but I feel better when I write, no matter what I am writing. My brain tends to work better and I tend to stay in better places emotionally, not that I’m in a bad place at all, regardless, it is good mental exercise for the both the brain and the spirit.

I could go through the list of excuses I can make for why I have all but stopped writing. From the genuine I’ve been kind of busy, you know living life? Working, being a family man, coaching kids soccer, playing music, playing even more video games 😉 But the honest truth is I have simply allowed writing to slip from the forefront of my free time priorities. A year ago I would consolidate errands into a once a week crazy lunchtime to allow for 2 or 3 days of writing. I would make, not find, make time on a weekend or an evening to write, not all the time, but enough to be able to write something more than a short poem or something.

Of course, there is the age old nonsense, my blogging friends know exactly what I’m talking about. I have nothing left to say, I am just repeating myself, nothing is as good as it once was, etc, etc. This is most likely not true, but even if I am repeating myself, it is still a good thing to write.

When I first started writing this blog, it was a completely random collection of different areas and things that I would write on. Over time it merged into a lot of poetry and a lot of Christian stuff even though that was not the original intention. Of course, the lure of a short poem is easy to see, they are quick and easy to write, a short read tends to get more “likes”, which whether we admit it or not, feels good. I think that may be where I have fallen down though, without realizing falling into the “trap” of wanting my writing to be liked; which of course I do, we all do, but that should not be the reason to write.

So here I am, sat in a coffee shop on my lunch break, I just finished a wonderful cappuccino and I am rambling like I did when I first started this blog, it’s as though I had just started writing again



Nb – then it took me half a week to get around to posting this – it could take some getting back into the swing of things!

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