huh, apparently whatever I though I posted here "never" posted, I have no idea what it was either! Color me confused 🙂

Race Car Day

I had the opportunity to do something pretty special on Sunday morning using the Christmas present my wife got me this last year. I got to spend some time at Texas Motor Speedway that culminated with an 8 minute drive in an “Indy style” open wheel race car with the Mario Andretti Racing Experience. That’s... Continue Reading →

Write Again

What happened to writing? I asked myself this question the other day, sadly the answer is I’m not sure. Somehow over the last few months or longer it has taken more and more of a back seat to other things. That in itself is not really a problem I guess, I mean yes I do... Continue Reading →


A chance of showers Or so they say ...... My friend, I have to tell you Being from England I am well aware of what a shower is Light rain, briefly One step up from a drizzle Not here in Texas though Oh no, you appear to be confused For what you call a shower... Continue Reading →

Whiskey Tears

  A whiskey teardrop Falls gently down her cheek As she sits at a dusty table Staring as ageing flowers wither in a vase   Lonely, empty, confused She wonders, ponders What could be, what could change If he would just speak   But he cannot speak For he is not there And she, she... Continue Reading →

Wear & Tear

There a lot of hard miles on this body A lot of wear and tear The outside is in good condition But inside needs a little repair   Yes I'm older than I look Yet younger than I feel In life the only thing that really matters Is ...........................   😉


Heavy hearted We say goodbye To a beautiful person A wonderful colleague A great friend   Your light shone bright Just not for long enough As the evil that is cancer took you too soon So our hearts break As you rest in peace Fully restored In the loving arms of our Father RIP Joann

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