Snow on the Plains

It was an unusually cold winter on the plains

A light layer of powdery snow covered the usually dusty trails

Sage and scrub brush take on a different perspective

When framed by brilliant white

As though an alien growth bursting through the surface

The full moon so reflective it was almost a bright as day


A lone rider eases his horse onwards

Wrapped warm will a full length duster

His 5 gallon hat keeping the snow from his eyes

Warm breath steams through the bandana covering his mouth

The clank of metal rings out

As spurs bounce and guns rattle


In the distance, his eagle eyes spot his target

A lone stray, a calf separated from the herd

Skillfully, stealthily, he approaches

So as not to spook the frightened animal

Once in range, in almost an instant

With a flick of the wrist a lasso is secured around the calf

Slowly and safely they return to the ranch

One lost animal returned to the fold

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