Perfect Strangers

He woke up that morning Not sure he even knew his name A familiar stranger across from him What had they become?   Such familiar faces, yet now, perfect strangers Where did the life go, where is the fire? All passion consumed by separate desire Faded embers, a stark reminder Of what once was, maybe... Continue Reading →

Maybe I’m Blind

Maybe I'm too simplistic Optimistic Maybe I'm blindBut I just don't careI don't see the darkOnly lightI don't see despair Only hopeDisaster, Disaster, DisasterNoOpportunity, Opportunity, OpportunityTo begin anewHope Grace Peace JoyLove 

The shade of an overpass

  The shade of an overpass is no place to call home What went so terribly wrong That you wound up sleeping here?   At times I wonder how close I got to your position 1 more bad decision? 2? Maybe you had no choice, maybe you had to escape   When did hope leave... Continue Reading →


Like fog rolling over the moors Dullness creeps in Desire gives way to apathy Lethargy fueled by stagnation   Is a lull really stagnation though? Reflection, maybe that’s what we’ll call it A time to pause, to simply be Yet the question lingers, what is next?

Snow on the Plains

It was an unusually cold winter on the plains A light layer of powdery snow covered the usually dusty trails Sage and scrub brush take on a different perspective When framed by brilliant white As though an alien growth bursting through the surface The full moon so reflective it was almost a bright as day  ... Continue Reading →

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