2 Sides, Perspective

Sometimes I wish I was offended or repulsed by things that don’t bother me

I wish the effects of my damaged past were not still so evident in the choices I freely make

Why do I sin?

What is sin anyway?

Is it really just bad words or lust?

Or is it hurting people? What is hurt?

Is it marginalizing people?

Putting and keeping them down?

What is fault? Who is fallen?

Where is hope? How can you hope?
Hope is in freedom

Freedom is in salvation

Answers are given

When questions are correctly asked

Peace is found in connection

Connection with the Father

Peace is not the lack of something

It is the presence of someone (Jesus)

Sometimes the thing keeping us from the promises and breakthrough of God

Is our devotion to hopelessness


Choose life, choose love

Choose freedom, choose peace

Awaken, walk the path

Find salvation

In God above



2 thoughts on “2 Sides, Perspective

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  1. Chris, this is awesome. “Peace is not the lack of something. It is the presence of someone (Jesus)”
    –Yes, yes, yes. Peace that passes all understanding. There’s nothing like it. There’s nothing like Him. There’s no one like Him.
    It’s so difficult for humans to understand our nature, isn’t it? At least, for those that don’t have Jesus. What is sin? It’s tough to answer. We know that it’s disobedience toward God and acting outside of love. Lots to think about here, my friend.
    I really enjoyed this one.

    1. Glad you liked it:) I borrowed that line from my pastor (who was quoting someone who’s name i forget). There is such beautiful freedom in that little nugget of wisdom.

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