Where did the country go?

I remember a time when I was young I listened to the saddest song on the radio A country tale that touched the soul Steel guitar weaving a tapestry of emotion   As the drums gently propel us on A violin haunts the air To the theme of a guitar strum   A simple voice... Continue Reading →

Woeful am I

Woeful am I Without You I am nothing Selfish, hurtful, destructive Lazy, wasteful, angry   Joyful am I For I have You You have rescued me You have cast me anew   Thankful am I For with You I can do all things Loving, caring, sharing Teaching, singing, receiving   Through You I am a... Continue Reading →

2 Sides, Perspective

Sometimes I wish I was offended or repulsed by things that don't bother me I wish the effects of my damaged past were not still so evident in the choices I freely make Why do I sin? What is sin anyway? Is it really just bad words or lust? Or is it hurting people? What... Continue Reading →

In A Mess – a new old song

There are some inescapable facts about music. One of those facts is that every song has a story. Sometimes that story is told through the lyrics, an autobiographical window into someone else’s world, or maybe it's a fictional world created just for you. Sometimes it is in the music, a mystical tapestry of sonic stimulation... Continue Reading →

Songs of Praise

I will sing the praises of The Lord at all times Not just in sunshine and good times I will praise him when I suffer For I know He will use it for His glory even though He did not bring it   I will cry out to You Not only in times of anguish but... Continue Reading →

Climb Again

Sitting on the ledge looking down Remembering the climb A brief respite   The past is but memories That shape the present Unchangeable, yet it is not you   The future is a choice It is not written Don't stay on the ledge, climb again  

Making The Leap

I envy your bravery The willingness to try Regardless of the consequences   Yet, I wonder if you had become comfortable Like I have If you would still have made the leap   Or would you freeze Not to rock the boat Not to face the risk   I wonder and strangely fear If that... Continue Reading →


What is happening beneath the surface of your conscious? What are the thoughts you refuse to visit? Are you just drifting Like a ship lost at sea?   Or is there a current That you have avoided acknowledging? The course of your future does not have to be left so much to chance Visit the... Continue Reading →


Your pleasing presence Has a vibrant energy It shakes the sonic spectrum So that even in silence There is not quiet It is truly quite magnificent   Yet this week you are gone The house is unusually still The breath of your life is absent The dishwasher a logistical masterpiece But the stillness troubles my... Continue Reading →

Changing Seasons

All used up The ready folder is empty Everything pre-prepared Has already been used The past is the past All I have left is the present As one season closes A new one prepares to open So what I can offer you is a glimpse Of what surely will be to come The joy of... Continue Reading →

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