How I made twitter a better place (for me)

Twitter is an odd thing, for a long time I wanted nothing to do with it. Then as I realized that you could be on the front end of breaking sports news I got sucked into it. Over time I eventually actually started tweeting as well as consuming. But to be honest, I was done with twitter about 6 months ago, it was a miserable place filled with miserable people tweeting about pointless things that I didn’t care that much about anymore. If I wasn’t slightly addicted to reading it, and if Facebook didn’t get worse with every update, I would probably have deleted my account.

Then it struck me, my twitter timeline was 95% sports and sports obsessed people. Now, I am still a huge sports fan, but I am not the addict that I once was. The downside of that is that the highs are not as high, the bright side is the lows are not as desperate and games no longer get to dictate my mood or my destiny. My identity is found today in a much better source.

So what I did with Twitter was I started to unfollow people who were negative, or people who over-tweeted about things that I didn’t want to see. Then I started to follow different types of people, I got a lot more Jesus on my timeline, a sprinkling of creatives and almost overnight twitter went from a miserable place that I went to keep up with sports news to an encouraging place that I actually wanted to be part of.

The side effect is that I started to tweet more, even occasionally engage people in twitter dialog. It made it a much better virtual place for me to inhabit. I still don’t tweet that much, but if you want, we can be twitter pals @LUFCTX

4 thoughts on “How I made twitter a better place (for me)

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  1. Hey Chris,

    I LOVE this! I did the same thing with Twitter! Isn’t it an interesting microcosm of the bigger concept of ‘you create your own experience’ in life?

    Always happy to see you in my twitter feed, friend. 🙂

    Peace, always,


    1. So true, like so much of life, what you focus your attention on affects the direction of your life. Its about soul management, feed it junk and life will suck, feed it well and life will be fine, regardless of your circumstances

  2. Twitter has always been a mystery to me. Being that I don’t have a lot of time anyhow, I don’t post a lot to Twitter, nor to Facebook. I guess I understand Facebook more.

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