The Council

The council gathers in the royal courts, the splendor of the surroundings beautiful beyond description, more magnificent than you would imagine any hand could make. The muffled whispers are ceased upon the pounding of a gavel, pure silence follows and the proceedings begin.

“So Yejshu, tell me of the progress in the 2nd Gamma Nebulous”


“Well my Lord, they continue to astound with their technical developments, they are clearly the most advanced species in the universe. They continue to follow your laws flawlessly; they are an example to all”


“And love? Do they have love yet?”


“No my Lord, I am afraid that the concept continues to elude them.”


“Such a shame, their legal perfection seems that it will be a permanent obstacle to them experiencing the purpose of life. Still, they are part of the plan, maybe one day we can help them to understand love.”


“Yes my Lord, as you wish”


“Gabriel, tell me of the new planet in your galaxy, how is it looking.”


“Wondrous my Lord, the formation is just about complete, it is utterly stunning, the possibilities for it are endless You have outdone yourself. I anticipate that it will be ready for the population of life within a hundred and fifty centuries or so.”


“Earth centuries?”


“Yes my Lord, I apologize, You had me there for so long, sometimes I struggle to adjust my measurements to the new galaxy.”


“Fear not my friend, your affection for earth has always pleased me.”


In the back, Xavier offered a quiet whisper; “why do we have to do this? I mean, doesn’t he already know? Isn’t he all seeing, all present & all knowing?”


“Hush you fool, this is not the time or the place”, Jacob retorted


“Xavier? Step forwards, it seems you have questions for Me.”


“Err, no sir, sorry sir, I just, I err, I’m sorry My Lord.”


“It is ok young child. Everyone has questions when they first join the council. You are very privileged to be here, Jacob will teach you all you need to know, he is an excellent teacher.


You are correct in saying that this could be unnecessary if I chose for it to be, but what then would I do? Sit in a corner knowing all, seeing all & slowly dying? The point of creation is love my child, it is relationships, that is why we meet like this, that is why we have the council, love is what sustains all of creation, it is what sustains Me. The entire universe is molded around this concept, everywhere you look they see us even when they do not realize it. We are the example that they were created to follow. Although sometimes even creation itself teaches us things and we follow their example. Step back now my child, watch, listen and learn.”


“Tell Me, where is my son?”


“He prays my Lord, without ceasing”


“Summon Him, He must give His report too”


Moments later:


“Father, sorry I am late, there is much good work to oversee on earth these days”


“My Son, tell me, what is happening on earth? Your enemy reports to me that the jewel in my creation should be regarded as my biggest mistake, that his servants outnumber yours. He claims that hate and greed rule the planet, genocide, rape and murder continue unabated. War proliferates, suffering and abuse untold, even My very existence is rejected in many quarters. Tell me Son, is it as bad as he claims? Is it time to end it? Shall we begin earth’s rapture?”


“Oh Father, Father. You know my enemy’s despicable ways all he can do is lie. You of all know that if he is telling you these things they are founded in deception. Just as I defeated his power through death when you allowed me to go to earth, so will the truth defeat his lies, Your light will shine and cast out his darkness as always.”


“Go ahead my Son, tell me the truth, speak to me of the light still shining on earth. For it is easy for Me to see how he believes what he says to be true.”


“It is true that the problems of hate and greed continue to exist, there are still wars, atrocities, abuse, neglect and suffering. Yet Father, these things are not as great as they have been in previous centuries, progress is slow but it is true. Most countries are now trying to help others rather than conquer them, there is more equality than ever, slavery moves daily closer to being eradicated and diseases are cured quicker and more effectively than ever before. The poor are being fed, healed and helped in more places than ever before. For all the publicized hate, there is an even bigger growth of love with pure motives.


Satan has his agents delivering the news as though it were the end days and at the same time has people believing they are all alone in the universe. However, these same lines of communication, the sharing of information through technology that they have finally grown into, are freeing thousands and thousands of souls.


Father, it is finally happening, we are slowly destroying religion and releasing true believers, more people are entering the Kingdom and are living in freedom than ever before. No longer can the rulers control the flow of information, the flow of truth to the people.  Father, the Spirit reports more signs and wonders and miracles being performed in Our name than there has been since the first generation graduated.


Those who have eyes to see can clearly see that this is the greatest time in the history of earth. Those who are blind to the truth either fear the rapture or are so empty that they believe nothing. Father, if we can keep making progress, we may be able to avoid the need for the apocalypse altogether.”


“My Son, you know how to warm my heart. Tell me, when do you think they will be ready to leave the earth and meet other species?”


“They are getting close, maybe only a few hundred more of their years. Unfortunately I think they will develop the technology before fully develop the social understanding. Yet for all their short comings, they will always carry love with them & their love will cover a multitude of misgivings. Yet it would be fascinating even today to see if they could teach the 2nd Gamma Nebulous how to love.”

“One day my Son, one day. You must be patient, we all must be patient. It is such a joy to see all of creation grow like this. Soon I shall tell you of the next stage of My plan, very soon, but for now the council is dismissed, we meet again tomorrow, those who are scheduled to update please ensure you are prepared.”


The gavel pounds once more and they exit the courts fervently discussing the day’s proceedings, eagerly anticipating what will be told tomorrow of the 11th dimension and the Fornax.




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