Strained My Old

Oh how it aches, It creaks and cracks It denies my denial This battle will go on Maybe to the grave But for now In the midst of the struggle I think I’ve strained my old

Road Safety

I have an invention, which you may hate But in my mind, it's gonna be great This time next year, with help from my mates They'll haul my money in very large crates There are some things we'll need Let me first try to sow the seed When a driver rubber necks to inspect We... Continue Reading →

Morning Light

Morning light The eye of the sky A portal to another dimension Hope arises with every burning cloud A glorious torch removing the darkness As clarity declares its reign Good morning my King Good morning my friends May this day be as blessed as the sky is beautiful  

We Take Things For Granted

We take things for granted And so we should Is that not, at least partially, the point in freedom?   Otherwise we could spent every waking moment Wracked in agony Crying at the things that have gone before us   Look at the things going on right now Surely every word uttered Would be one... Continue Reading →

The Council

The council gathers in the royal courts, the splendor of the surroundings beautiful beyond description, more magnificent than you would imagine any hand could make. The muffled whispers are ceased upon the pounding of a gavel, pure silence follows and the proceedings begin. “So Yejshu, tell me of the progress in the 2nd Gamma Nebulous”... Continue Reading →

13 Years

13 years to mourn Yet the grief is still as real 13 years to heal Yet the wounds remain fresh 13 years to feel Yet we see compassion turn to contempt   They say Never Forget Tell me? How could We? Always Remember? Yet some memories continue to fail   Take a step back today Pause from... Continue Reading →

Still Summer

Here it comes, mercury rising The warning is over The attack has begun The furnace arrives On a tidal wave of sweat   It is strange how things evolve What was once a welcome change A comfort, the promise of new Is now a test of endurance Survival   Following 25 years of damp cold... Continue Reading →

Guilt? No…

Guilt? Guilt?No my child you misunderstandThat is not guilt.Remember when you asked Me for help?Do you recall praying for this burden to be taken from you?Is it not your great wish for this struggle to be in the past?Please My dear, listen carefully When you feel this so called guiltWhat else is there?What do you... Continue Reading →

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