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A few weeks back I was asked to take part in a virtual blog tour by one of my readers, to which I agreed. I usually avoid things such as the blog awards that roam around WP, nothing against them, but they feel somewhat like those chain emails or “I bet you won’t share this on facebook” to me. The Virtual Blog Tour however is different, to me at least, and hey I always wanted to go on tour 😉

To begin with the person that asked me to be a part of it is one of my most consistent readers, Julie Harris, my fellow bloggers will surely understand how much that means to me! If you read my writing almost every time I press, there is a good chance I’ll say yes to a groovy little social experiment. Julie’s blog is always a pleasure to read, she writes poetry, sings songs and shares stories of her walk and family life that will surely be a blessing to anyone that reads them.

The rules of the Blog Tour are to invite 3 others to join the tour and give them a Monday to post on & answer a few questions of your writing. I am suggesting Monday August 18th for my fellow tourists. On that day they will recommend 3 other blogs for you to visit & answer the questions just as I am to do below.  Coming up with 3 blogs to suggest you visit is not quite as easy as it sounds. Apparently I follow 113 blogs, although admittedly not all of them are active (this is probably a good thing because I’d never be able to read everything if they were). I love all the bogs I read, that is the reason I read them regularly, I don’t follow blogs as a way to try and garner readers, there are some very good blogs that I don’t follow just due to a lack of reading time.

However to choose just 3 to recommend you to go visit (& have them agree to take part), is not so easy, on the bright side I’ve never been that great with rules anyway. So what I’m going to actually do is give you 2 bloggers who have graciously agreed to be part of the tour and then recommend you visit 3 of my go to blogs in 3 different categories, these blogs are not part of the official tour (unless they just want to be), but you should go check them out because they’re awesome.

1 – First up we have the “Abuse Expose With Secret Angel” –

This may be one of the most important blogs out there, Secret Angel is writing to raise awareness of all kinds of abuse & helping the victims of abuse. She writes some beautiful prayerful poetry and she has even written a book on abuse that you can find here: I’ve been reading this blog for so long I don’t actually recall how God graced me with finding it, but I am very grateful He did.


2 –Next we have the “Journey of Kylie” –  Kylie writes a wonderfully eclectic blog ranging from life as a music college student to dealing with life as a person living with bipolar disorder.  Bipolar is honestly not something I knew a lot about before starting to read Kylies blog and it is something we should all know more about so we can better understand it.

Kylie also produces a weekly podcast with Kenneth Justice ( which you can check out here: it is a 30 minute show dedicated to blogging, each week they have a different guest and is not only good entertainment but has become for me a fantastic way to discover some new excellent blogs to read, I have discovered some of my favorite new blogs through the show.


Now for my random randomness section, these guys are not parts of the tour, but I’d recommend you check them out anyway (even limiting this part to 9 was tricky)


Christian Devotionals, teachings & thoughts


The River Walk – (Devotionals that will cause you to think deeper about your faith)

In My Father’s House  (I’m fairly new to following this blog, but what I have read on the Father’s love has quickly established it as a favorite)

Oh the Things We Shall See –  (Delightful photography & heartwarming devotions, you should check out the poetry too!)



Richard Ankers Writes  (I’m not sure what should annoy me more, the ridiculous productivity or the astoundingly high quality of all his creations)

Tender Heart Musings  (Sometimes more can be said with less, the poetry here is usually short, but utterly stunning in beauty).

Jenny Kissed Me –  (Another home to consistently excellent poetry. While you’re there you should definitely check this entry out )


Life / Other

Long & Luxe –  (Spiritual writing that will bless you no matter where your faith comes from)

Chapter TK  (TK questions everything & will make you do the same)

Variety of Sound –  (They make really good VST compatible audio effect plugins (& they’re free) if you record music at home you need to check them out)


Now for the questions I was given to answer:

What are you working on/writing? 

I have a laundry list of things I need to start making progress on, I need to be more intentional with writing my longer posts. The biggest things that I am working on, other than my ongoing music project, are a couple of bible / life study posts and also a chapter story set in the old west that I started last year and has sadly been untouched for months. Hopefully I can get them finished later this year.

How does your work/writing differ from others of its genre? 

There is definite randomness to my writing and the subjects of my writing that you don’t see everywhere. I feel that there is no one subject that defines my life & so there is no one subject that defines my blog. Obviously my faith is central to who I am & I’d like to think that shows in my blog, no matter what the subject.

Why do you write/create what you do?

I write primarily to force myself to think, something I didn’t do a lot of until a couple of years ago. I also write because it turns out I am a naturally creative person & creatively expressing what is inside really helps me to maintain my inner peace.

There are also loftier goals of trying to become a better person, deepen my relationship with Jesus. Externally my hope is to encourage others to let their light shine, if little old me can shine, imaging how amazing you could be? Just let yourself go, you are beautiful and amazing; the world needs to see that!

How does your working/writing process work?

It depends on what I am writing. When I’m writing poetry, there is usually a prompt, it can be a thought, something I see or something I feel, I then try to capture that as quickly as possible, most of my poetry is written in just a few minutes.

My longer articles are a little different, although they also usually come from an idea or a moment of inspiration. Sometimes I will write immediately, but more often I will sit on the idea for a while to determine where I want to go with it. When it is time to actually write though I usually try to get as much done at one time as possible. Much of that is determines by the optimum availability of time and energy, not a mix that always happens as often as I’d like.


And there you have it, hopefully my bending the rules didn’t mess the concept up too much 🙂

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  1. Chris, you have “blown me away” with your comment. Your kindness is overwhelming! I really appreciate your support and I continue to praise God for the words that He gives me. I have never felt that I can take credit for the poetry that flows from my heart for I know that He gives them to me. There are days that I am reaching out to the lowest, most broken souls then days that I am feeling like shouting from the rooftops about the goodness of God. We serve an awesome God, my friend.. It is all about Him… May He pour out His blessings upon you and your family.

    1. It is that beautiful attitude that allows Him to give you such great words to share with us all! May God continue to bless you & your family too my friend 🙂

  2. Thanks for agreeing to do the “blog tour”, and thank you for your support and kind words 🙂 I love your honesty, and I admit that I prayed about whether to do it or not in the beginning, but in the end, I felt that it would at least encourage a few other bloggers that I really enjoy reading- and felt led to do it. What a great idea to include some of your go-to blogs! I recognize a few of them, and will definitely check out the others. Many blessings to you!!

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