Give me Your joy

May the overflow of my heart reflect your glory Let the fire of your love overwhelm inside of me Like a mighty volcano that must be released Make my soul restless for your beautiful presence Envelop me with the embrace of the Spirit Give me the faith to stand for your justice Make all my... Continue Reading →

A New Year

A new year A new frontier New hopes Occasional fears Some approach with dread Some with unbridled excitement And all we can do Is pray for these kids Pray for the teachers And ask for guidance Through this new school year My daughter starts 3rd grade today, how is that even possible? Where oh where... Continue Reading →

Your Lips

Your lips, as seductive as the evening light Love surrounds, just as the painted sky delights I am lured by your beauty As you whisper your promises Gentle reminders of your omnipresence Hope fills the air Tomorrow will be a new day, yet again    

RIP Mary Frances Turner

Just as the flame flickers Then sizzles to extinguish When it's time is done So must our days On this earth sadly end 95 glorious years A blinding light of strength and honor Humility and Sacrifice A family matriarch Moves on to eternal glory I did not know you well But I remember you well... Continue Reading →

A Light Went Out

Sometimes I wonder if we give entertainers too lofty of a place In days gone by it was explorers and warriors that got the praise Inventors and philosophers, doctors and teachers Today a half talented “musician” or “artist” Can climb their way to the top of some strange fortuitous mountain   Yet, for the many... Continue Reading →

Daddy loves me

Returning from a birthday party The temperature dances On 100 degrees Then it hits me I still have to mow As we return home My daughter wants to play Absolutely, I'd love to I say Anything to delay the inevitable Yet before I know it It's time to face the inevitable I go out and... Continue Reading →


There are some that don’t understand you Call you a rodent Call you a menace   Surely they didn’t read Squirrel Nutkin as a child They don’t appreciate your infections cuteness Or your uncanny capacity to survive and thrive   Not I though, I have always been your friend I wonder if you knew I... Continue Reading →

Virtual Blog Tour

A few weeks back I was asked to take part in a virtual blog tour by one of my readers, to which I agreed. I usually avoid things such as the blog awards that roam around WP, nothing against them, but they feel somewhat like those chain emails or “I bet you won’t share this... Continue Reading →

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