Life is Good

While I sit sipping citrus infused water Remembering the Laughing Sheep & William H Bonney   My daughter sings and dances To songs from Crystal Yates & Taylor Swift   In the kitchen, my wife plays culinary jazz Concocting delectable delights that would put Bobby Flay to shame   I think to myself as a... Continue Reading →

A Life of Contentment

A life of contentment Is a happy life Truly grateful am I, to have been brought to this new place   A happy life, a content life, is lived from a position of gratitude Gratitude for what has been given to you This is a learned state, not always an instinctive position   It is... Continue Reading →

The Mighty Pen

Occasionally I look at my blog & wonder if I’m actually doing what I’m supposed to be doing with it, or if I’m just writing for the sake of it. Then I remember that one of the main reasons this place exists is for me to think & to learn to think. So here is... Continue Reading →

There is no Spoon

When our joy comes Not from this world But from the source of joy   Then, when stuck in this world When the rain comes down When troubles come   Still, we have joy, we have peace For even when the agents come We know the truth   There is no spoon     .

Music Update

The thought came to me recently that I have not given much of an update on my music recently. My newer readers (welcome & thank you by the way!) may not even be aware of the musical side of my life. From the outside it may appear that there is not much to share but... Continue Reading →

I am a Flag

There is a flag You can see it Blowing in the wind This way and then that way Up and down Sometimes it appears to be tied in knots Occasionally it is so in need of cleaning That it is difficult to even see what is on the flag   It can be difficult sometimes to... Continue Reading →

The Joys of Adulthood

Oh the joys of adulthood Countless hours slaving for others, but always for reward Living now in the freedom we once craved in our youth And the things, the things we get to work for ... Instruments of expression Trips filled with excitement Immaculate collections of art   Oh what? I’m sorry, did you say... Continue Reading →

Botanic Adventure

  The cicada chorus reminds me I am a long way from where used to call home The stickiness of the atmosphere envelopes In the shade, the breeze is cooling and pleasant Yet Exposed you are only seconds before the onset of sunburn The tranquility of a fountain dims the senses but only temporarily  ... Continue Reading →

Side Effects

There is something that happens When you connect that cable To your beloved collection of wood, metal and plastic It is not just the transfer of an electric current There is a connection made to your very soul In the seconds, minutes, hours that  follow A release is found As unexplainable as falling in love... Continue Reading →

Lost in questions

Surrounded by the piety of men The belligerence of politicians Dedicated to causes I don't understand Raises the question What should I do? Should I seek the wisdom of men? No, I shall not join the echoes of clanging gongs Although I am more pirate than pious I am but a rescued wretch, floundering in... Continue Reading →

White Lightening

Brown eyed balls of white fur Firecrackers snapping with energy Devoted love, family Best friends, brothers White lightning cracking across the ground There could never be enough hours to play      

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