Tendons Throb

Tendons throb To awaken sleeping hands Aching, dull, yet ceaseless There shall be no object The tasks must be completed And then? Ice, ice sounds good

Destiny – Alpha

And now for something completely different; This last weekend I was fortunate enough to take part in the PS4 public alpha testing for the forthcoming sci-fi FPS game Destiny. This was a pretty bold / confident step by the producers, usually Alpha tests are private, only occasionally are the later Beta tests made public. This... Continue Reading →

Happy Fathers Day


They say that over 60% of your identity comes from your father

Which leave the fatherless generation in quite the quandary

What if your father is not there, or no good?

Where does that leave your identity?

A bad father skews your image of God

A bad father will leave you believing lies about yourself for years to come

If you were taught wrong, turn from that

Choose to remember the good

Focus on what was done, not what was wrong

Now it is your turn, now you are the Dad

Responsibility – it is central to being a good Dad

Taking care of your family

Breathing life, truth & teaching into your children

You won’t be perfect, nobody is

You will mess up, you will miss things

But if the love is there, and the effort

Your child will know it, even if it takes a while to realize…

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Beyond Repair

You took what was completely broken Completely off track Completely empty   You took that, and made this new being that is here today You took the seemingly beyond repair And put it back together again   You redirected, onto a new path, the right path You took this empty vessel and filled it You... Continue Reading →

The Feelings of a Victim

Fear of confrontation You have no right You have no worth This is what you deserve   Emasculated through neglect Fear driven to the core through punishment Don’t respond, don’t be angry, turn the other cheek You don’t deserve your anger, your pain   Don’t defend, it will only provoke Make things worse, you are... Continue Reading →

He walks the streets at night

He walks the streets at night Simply to get to his destination No one knows the fear that grips him At every corner or shadowy gateway   He grips his house keys in his fist The latch key protrudes Tonight will be different he thinks Tonight he will make a stand   As he rounds the... Continue Reading →


Vicious words Or just a joke? Harmless fun Or soul destroying abuse?   Man sized fists Punish a child sized spine If this is friendship What is hatred?   Bruises hidden Inside and out Is it all your fault? Are you really that worthless?   Enough is enough, no more pain The coping mechanisms are... Continue Reading →

Summer Threatens

Summer slowly threatens to move in However, not just yet Mother Nature grants as a brief reprieve For now we enjoy the end of another glorious spring Comfort can still be found in the shade The breeze is still somewhat refreshing The sky maintains the presence of small clouds Laughter can still be heard as... Continue Reading →

The Best You That You Can Be

The world can be so distracting Nudging you gently off track From the path you are called to follow Good, bad, weird, indifferent   It can all distract if you allow it The ultimate purpose is not to fit in The purpose, is not to be like others Not matter how awesome, or not, those... Continue Reading →

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