Pedal Board

I’ve had the idea for a few years that I need to get a pedal board for my guitar gear. It would make moving things around the room much easier and for the rare occasions when my stuff ventures out of the room it would be a great help for that too. The problem is, a good pedal board costs way more than I can justify spending on one. I’m not a gigging musician, if I were, I’d get something like this piece of awesomesauce


But I don’t get paid to play on stages and once a month when I lead worship I only take 1 piece of equipment as I’m only using my acoustic. So how exactly could I justify $500+ on a piece of kit that will help me vacuum my room easier? Well I cannot, I can’t even justify $100 on a piece that would not fit my needs. So (jokingly) what would Jesus do? Well He was a carpenter right? I’m not, but I have saws screws and glue & have the ability to make something “good enough” if not professional grade.

So I came up with a rough plan in my head, bought a few pieces of wood, spend a few hours in the garage making & painting and voilà for less than $50 I have myself a handy dandy budget friendly homemade pedal board. It’s perfect for my needs and has thankfully scratched that itch quite nicely.



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