Parenting & Discipline

Being a parent can be so very rewarding

The free displays of love a child gives

The giggles, the smiles, the hugs

Watching your flesh and blood grow

It is such an amazing blessing


Yet there are those times when it is oh so difficult

When your teachings have failed

Or more so when broken human nature kicks in and overrides those teachings

You have to make a choice at that moment

A choice to be a parent, not just a friend, to be active and not passive


Then comes the quandary, finding the right balance

Deterrent, punishment, discipline

Yet how do you do that and still build up, not tear down your beloved child?

We are all so unique; what if what scarred you is exactly what they need?

What if you are causing the beginnings of brokenness?


Such great responsibility lies with being a good parent

Then you look around, you see what society says

Do this, don’t do that, don’t do that, do this

It was better when I was young they say, hit them, it didn’t hurt me

Yeah right,


That’s why our generation is the most self absorbed hedonistic therapy needing mess in history

Or at least that’s what they sell us, but are we really any worse than the ancient Greeks or the Romans or the medieval folks?

Maybe it’s just that we have innumerous 24 hour news stations and the internet over analyzing everything that anyone ever does


And then, in the midst of all this distraction, of all this guilt

You are reminded, that you were born to love

Love takes on many forms

When we love enough to discipline, we must also love enough to forgive

When we love enough to forgive, we must also love enough to explain


Sometimes, we must simply love enough to accept

That maybe our child is just that, a child,

Not the perfect flawless angel created in our minds

Yes, a child, that needs love and attention and nurturing

And discipline and guidance and enough room to make mistakes

And so much more, but mostly love

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