Reading: Unveiled by Alan Smith

Well look at me I finished another book – woohoo!! Very different from Elmore Leonard’s collection of short stories, Unveiled is a Christian book on “The transforming power of God’s presence and voice”.

I actually bought the book about a year ago. The author Alan Smith was a pastor at a large Printchurch in a neighboring town (I say was because he has just planed a new church in the DFW area, I am sure the Lord will bless him greatly in that endeavor), he was at my church as a guest giving a very powerful sermon. This was not the first time I had been on the receiving end of Alan’s powerful teaching; several years ago he came to our church and taught a 4 week series called Foundations of Freedom. That course was the genesis of some real life change for me and was honestly something that I had been desperately seeking (without knowing) since I had invited Christ into my life several years earlier. Anyway, this time Alan was there preaching and also selling his book “Unveiled” in advance of a conference he would be holding at our church. I don’t recall what the conflict was but I was unable to attend the conference, I did however pick up the book. The book then sat on a shelf for a year patiently waiting. Was I too busy to read it / Too lazy? Did God want me to wait until now? Ahh, the mysteries of life. Whatever the reason, I’m not glad I waited, but I am very glad I have read the book.

The best way I can think of to describe what is contained in the pages of this magnificent book is an essential guide for anyone who wants a deeper, more intimate & more experiential relationship with God. I say essential, because I believe there is not a Christian out there who will not get something from this book. I am very familiar with a lot of the content; however it refreshed my mind, it brought things back to my conscious, taught me many new things and it also affirmed things I have been doing in places. The book also challenged me, made me want to focus even more on my relationship with God and reminded me yet again, that I don’t just want to be a Christian spectator. I want my relationship with God to be interactive, to be experiential, I want it to be the way it was designed to be.

The book is not a story or collection of stories. It is a congruent set of teachings, it is filled with scripture which not only lends great weight to what is being taught, but it helped me to feel more connected with God as I read. Alan is an immensely gifted teacher, he teaches at a very deep level but in a way that is completely comprehendible to a layman like me. This is a guide towards a right relationship with God, towards freedom, there are tremendous practical examples contained to help you on this journey.

In short of all the books I have read that are designed to help you in your relationship with God, I would recommend this over them all, it is that good. I’m sure it’s not all encompassing, it’s certainly not the only great book our there, but whatever, get a copy & read it & then read it again & again, that is what I plan to do.

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