House work sucks

House work sucks, it just does I derive no pleasure from maneuvering a Hoover Swiffing a duster does not tickle my fancy Scrubbing with bubbles is not on my bucket list When the job is done I do not celebrate I just reset the clock until the next time Yet it must be done, otherwise... Continue Reading →


Salsa Spicy fresh tomatoey goodness Hand delivered on a crispy chip I could eat you for days Yes I could eat you far too much Now here comes dinner But I'm already full Salsa wins again


It is through grace alone That I am here today Not the sum of regrets For the boy that was and the boy that could have been But the man who is Who is not the man that was Without that grace The man who is, is not And the boy that was is Thank... Continue Reading →

Memorial Day

  Take a moment and shed a tear A tear of gratitude and a tear of remorse It matters not what you think of the politician Right or wrong, whatever they signed   All that matters is that for you For the love of your country The love of your freedom The love you’re your... Continue Reading →

Welcome Home

What if there was a place where you could just be you? A place where you were welcomed and accepted   What if it was ok to not be ok? Yet you were loved enough not to be left that way   What if people cared enough to help you work through your pain? To... Continue Reading →

The Waterfall

There is a river that flows from the throne A river that gives life Making valleys, forging paths It comes to a cliff and drops   A beautiful waterfall beyond imagination I approach the waterfall slowly As I cup my hands the water fills them More calmly that the flow should allow   I take... Continue Reading →

Not Just Some Bloke

The significance of my place is difficult to understand To some I am everything, to others I do not exist I have learned that measuring yourself by what the world thinks, leads only to emptiness   You see, to the world I may well be “just some bloke” However I do not belong to the... Continue Reading →

Just Some Bloke

What if I really am just some bloke? What if Spielberg doesn’t spot me in Wal-Mart Saying I’m the superstar he’s been waiting to discover?   What if my ramblings are just that? Not literary genius just waiting for Oxford head brass To say this is the one, the one we’ve been searching for?  ... Continue Reading →

Rubberneck faster already

Traffic slows to a crawl Three lanes wide Rush hour chaos ensues Some cuss wildly at being late for work Some sing praises that work will be delayed Others still, pray for those involved in what us surely a bad wreck Slowly we creep closer Flashing lights on the horizon appear to confirm the worst... Continue Reading →

Pedal Board

I’ve had the idea for a few years that I need to get a pedal board for my guitar gear. It would make moving things around the room much easier and for the rare occasions when my stuff ventures out of the room it would be a great help for that too. The problem is,... Continue Reading →

Parenting & Discipline

Being a parent can be so very rewarding The free displays of love a child gives The giggles, the smiles, the hugs Watching your flesh and blood grow It is such an amazing blessing   Yet there are those times when it is oh so difficult When your teachings have failed Or more so when... Continue Reading →

Reading: Unveiled by Alan Smith

Well look at me I finished another book – woohoo!! Very different from Elmore Leonard’s collection of short stories, Unveiled is a Christian book on “The transforming power of God’s presence and voice”. I actually bought the book about a year ago. The author Alan Smith was a pastor at a large church in a... Continue Reading →

Easter Choir @ CTCC

I figured I should write about this before Easter becomes too much of a distant memory and the post just seems completely random. This past Easter something pretty cool happened at my church, we had an Easter choir. To my knowledge this is the first time there has been a choir there. So being the... Continue Reading →


Gnawing, niggling, nagging Sometimes dull, sometimes sharp Sometimes here, sometimes gone Always a threat Always distracting Easy to aggravate Difficult to pacify Back pain, why won’t you leave me this day?

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