They call it progress They call it expansion They call it growth As the houses creep in Warehouses spring up And concrete cows are created Habitats are destroyed Natural homes displaced Peace is replaced with chaos Green turns to grey Flowers are covered with dust Beauty is covered by ignorance The never ending quest for... Continue Reading →

Reading? Yeah, about that …..

Last year, when embarking on this conscious journey to become better / more / whatever the word should be, I made the declaration that not only was I going to make myself read more in 2013, but I was going to write about what I had read. When I initially thought about this catch up... Continue Reading →

Happy Easter

On my very best days When I think right, speak right Walk right and act right Still you died for me On my very worst days When I respond in anger When I fall foul of sin Still you died for me When I didn’t even know you When I had run as far as... Continue Reading →

Broken male culture – part 3

Why won’t you be a Dad? Does seeing your child alone not make you sad? It certainly makes me sad That you are afraid to be a Dad   There you are, lost in your drunk Trying to hide from repetitive funk Further down the slope you have sunk To the outside looking like just... Continue Reading →

Broken male culture – part 2

When I see fatherless children, I see brokenness All around I see abuse & neglect How did our world get to be in such a mess Surely all this pain should cause us to pause & reflect   When I see a marriage neglected & allowed to continually deteriorate Broken to the point of no... Continue Reading →

Broken male culture – part 1

I don’t recall now exactly what the trigger was, but at some point back in December I wrote 3 poems on what I call broken male culture. Rather than just throw them on my blog I had been intending to write a couple of pieces to book end the poems. Well, intending has taken a... Continue Reading →


I've been slacking with the writing recently You see I went on vacation But failed to pick up a pen I've been busy living life Leading my family Leading men Leading worship What a life A joyous life Such a precious gift So here I am Missing you, failing you And thus I pen this... Continue Reading →

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