Trying something different today Iridescent Wasteland Overcomes Neverland Desire Echoes Rivers Infiltrate Frozen Yesterdays Outlining Undetermined Coming As New Systems Ecology Emerge Terminal Hope Irresistibly Sequences     Let me know if you spot it (this may have been a better idea in my head than on the page)


Metamorphosis, the life of a redeemed man of God The process of changing from what the world told us we should be Into who God says that we really are   The growing pains The frustrations The disappointment when old habits take over new desires   When you become the hypocrisy that you despise Those... Continue Reading →

Let Your Light Shine

You are not just another person You are not run of the mill You are not insignificant   You are beautiful You are a unique creation You are amazing   You have gifts You have talents You have a purpose   You are loved You are accepted You are welcome   Your destiny awaits you... Continue Reading →

A bridge

A bridge, a bridge, I need a bridge Searching the cosmos in helter-skelter fashion For a perfect, beautiful, flowing bridge Then with stupefaction, the bridge was there Of all places, in the shower I found the bridge, the perfect bridge Alas as the mind wandered, weary in the fog of morning The lyrical gift was... Continue Reading →

Worship leader?

You know how it happens, you ask a question, you have a brief conversation and before you know it, you've volunteered to do something completely out of your comfort zone. Well that’s what happened the 2nd Saturday in January when I was helping out at the Solomon’s Porch homeless ministry. There were a couple of... Continue Reading →

School run

As you exit the car As you leave the protective cocoon The place of safety that we keep you in   Where we can shelter you Where we can guide you Where we can mold you   When you leave our protection You go into your own world A world over which I have no... Continue Reading →

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