Angry brain

Oh brain, throbbing pressure filled brain Why are you so angry? Why do you want to evict my eye from my skull? Aleve, after dinner Aleve How I hope you will relieve Give me rest Give me sleep Help me to feel human again

To be somewhere

To be somewhere with salt in the air A bracing sea breeze, fresh in the face To walk the docks as the fishermen return To be somewhere real, outside of pretense   To be somewhere ancient with dust in the air Clothed in history, shrouded in mystery To walk the streets as the elders converse... Continue Reading →


As we stumble through life Convinced that the universe should revolve around us Every once in a while you remember We are all but extras in the grand picture of life   Take a walk through your neighborhood Through your town or your city Think about every life Behind every door that you pass  ... Continue Reading →

A year of blogging

So I got a notification at some point, I think last week, that I have had my blog for a year now. Really? A year, already!? It seems like a popular thing to do at the beginning of a new year is to review the past years events and then look forward to what your... Continue Reading →

We can discover things

Go, I assure you I am not offended Go to the wise, to the learned Surely they will be able to teach you in the ways of the world   But understand my dears, you do not have to go Maybe in our blindness, our ignorance We can discover things that they cannot see  ... Continue Reading →

Rise as One

Even in the safest of places, The forces of evil will try to attack And in that moment, The army of God will rise as one.   With shields and swords ready We will stand in defiance of the darkness. Victory will be ours For victory is assured.   And in this moment, Eyes will... Continue Reading →

Bumper to bumper

Clouds and drizzleBumper to bumperRoad improvements? No improvementTest my patienceConquer pointless frustrations13 days, 14 days, 15 days, every yearA sacrificial commutePleasing to the Lord Forced quiet timeI shall pray, as I mayListen to the wordListen to the musicListen to the deluded arguing over what does not matterI could climb a mountainI could make a differenceI could... Continue Reading →

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