Do Not Cross

The recent sermon series at my church was titled The Power of Everybody. It is no surprise to me that I loved it (I love all the series my church does), but this one particularly spoke to me, and not that there was a doubt, showed me once again why God moved the way He... Continue Reading →

Smoke Detector

You, you’re supposed to be a protector Supposed to be a defender Watching over me   But tonight, smoke detector Instead of saving my life You’re killing my sleep What do I have to do just to make you shut up?


One of my occasional hobbies is making beer, I say occasional because I usually only get around to doing it once a year. It is a process I enjoy, but it is very time consuming, hence the irregularity of my brewing. The actual process of making the beer is fun, especially knowing what the outcome... Continue Reading →

A new year

A new year A new start The next chapter A fresh page What will be has already begun The unknown future Only glimpsed in dreams Beckons as a calling

Christmas Light Flight

So you never win anything huh? Yeah me too, until earlier this week that is. I got an email on Monday from one of my vendors letting me know that a colleague and I had won their Christmas promotion. After getting over the initial disbelief I started to get rather excited, you see I though... Continue Reading →

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