Two Faced

Politicians drown in opulence

While constituents beg for scraps on street corners


Executives make a living eating lunch

While teachers live in poverty


The vocal minority beg for Christian values

While hiding from everything that Christ taught


The world gone right is the world gone wrong

Socialism is the enemy but capitalism continues to destroy


Look how far we have come

Look how we have put a fresh face on the age old issues


Slavery rebranded as freedom

Sold to the masses as minimum wage employment


Everything has changed, yet nothing has changed

All we have learnt from history is how to make it look better


It seems that real change can only come from those in power

Yet it is those in power that need change the most


So the rest of us are left to learn how not to care

As the two faced few, dictate society under the guise of freedom


3 thoughts on “Two Faced

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  1. So what is your answer, Chris. Are you fighting this? Screaming this shame from the rooftops? Or just accepting like John Doe?

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