What happened?

What happened?

Where did my blog go?

Lost in business and distraction

Focus lost, desire misplaced

Is there even a point?


What of my audience?

I am so truly grateful for the few who regularly read

Yet popularity, fame or even fortune was never the goal

What was the goal? Do I even remember?


To awaken the creative spirit inside of me

To cultivate the practice of conscious thought

I’ve come a long way, but it is not 2nd nature yet

Even if I don’t feel like it, this has to be done


So where have I been?

A detour had to be undertaken

A missing piece of healing claimed

Fresh on the other side

I suppose it is time to return


What this will turn into I don’t know

More random formless rambling

Most likely, I hope you enjoy

And that I can make the time to write more consistently


6 thoughts on “What happened?

Add yours

  1. Good to see you Chris! Welcome back. 🙂 Sometimes a break is necessary for our well-being and that is okay. Looking forward to what you have to share. love this poem by the way! Wonderful way to say what you are feeling. Wish I had the talent of a poet because I enjoy it so much since I have been more exposed to it online. 🙂

    1. Thank you, I’ve been reading when I can, just for many reasons not been writing. I thought about writing a long explanation, but something more poetic seemed more apt somehow 🙂

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