It’s not about me

Life, it’s not about me I know it’s not about me I am but an extra in the grand movie of life   Yet it is so easy to believe it is all about me They raised the taxes just to irritate me They freed the criminal because I thought he was guilty   Maybe... Continue Reading →

Two Faced

Politicians drown in opulence While constituents beg for scraps on street corners   Executives make a living eating lunch While teachers live in poverty   The vocal minority beg for Christian values While hiding from everything that Christ taught   The world gone right is the world gone wrong Socialism is the enemy but capitalism... Continue Reading →

Home (In Your Kingdom) – Song

There are so many reasons why I’ve been less active recently than before. Busy life, rehabbing my strained hamstring, a 2nd puppy, but one of the big reasons is that a lot of my creative ideas of late have either quickly evolved into potential songs, or even short stories. Somehow there is a clear, yet... Continue Reading →

Putting On Socks

Of all the things I like to take for granted Like walking quickly Like driving comfortably Like standing up, or sitting down The one thing I have really never considered Is putting on socks   Such a mundane and normal task Almost meaningless and empty Yet when the freedom To put on your socks and... Continue Reading →

Hotter n Hell 2013

Ok, so I wrote this about a month ago & then forgot to post it, so here is my account of a very long bike ride. Strange side note, I’ve not go on by bike since that day, I need to rectify that soon!   August 24 2013 I rode 102 miles on my bicycle... Continue Reading →

Escape to Utopia

Escape to utopia Or is it retreat Does fear drive the exodus Or the hope of the promised land   Is there shame in abandoning the hopeless Or honor in protecting the loved Protection of self Protection of others   Making a better life Is not running away So I feel no shame whatsoever About... Continue Reading →


As the temperature drops And the sun light fades to a paler shade A small victory is won The victory of surviving the summer   The spoils of the victory are called fall Fall around here is not what you would expect Fall here is what most call summer Beautiful weather, happy kids   The... Continue Reading →

What happened?

What happened? Where did my blog go? Lost in business and distraction Focus lost, desire misplaced Is there even a point?   What of my audience? I am so truly grateful for the few who regularly read Yet popularity, fame or even fortune was never the goal What was the goal? Do I even remember?... Continue Reading →

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