The vocal minority

The vocal minority

The chosen few

There is only one right opinion

That of yours


Your opinion may or may not be correct

The thing is, it will only ever be your opinion

If you want others to share it

You should choose to represent it better


If you are in the democratic minority

If you feel that all that happens in Washington is wrong

I will choose to oppose you

If your way of winning me is with insults


If you follow Christ

If you want others to experience His redemptive grace

You should choose to be like him

Not hate & judge like a Pharisee


If you have a favorite team

If others don’t share your passion

Well at this point, remember it is just a game

And make the choice to be respectful


If you are an extremist, on any side of any fence

Please, still your mouth & your mind

Take the time to discover peace, love & harmony

Or at the very least tolerance


Simple advice, guidelines to live by

Easy to say, harder to follow

We are all different, that’s what makes us beautiful

Opinions are opinions, nothing more

One thought on “The vocal minority

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  1. OH I love this Chris! Very timely in that I have been in the middle of a conversation tonight on another website regarding disrespect versus freedom of speech. Started out because of a female singer who changed the words in the national anthem and sang it in a performance apparently. Very disrespectful change I might add.

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