The vocal minority

The vocal minority The chosen few There is only one right opinion That of yours   Your opinion may or may not be correct The thing is, it will only ever be your opinion If you want others to share it You should choose to represent it better   If you are in the democratic... Continue Reading →

The Morning Sun

The morning light pierces the clouds Showing down golden rays Like spotlights illuminating the ground beneath What special few were chosen to receive The wake up call from heaven On this otherwise regular morning? As the sun’s power grows The sky takes on a marbled effect And the brief show of morning beauty Is put... Continue Reading →

The vast sea of forever

In the vast sea of forever We all crave an island of hope Something to cling to A lighthouse to guide us on the journey To help us navigate dangerous seas I put my faith In the unseen As all that I have seen Has proved unworthy of faith I put my faith in the... Continue Reading →

9/11 – memories

What can be said about today that hasn’t already been said a thousand times? The awful events of 9/11 will live with us forever. The scars & pain of the families & friends affected will always remain. It breaks my heart every time I think about it. I am not going to attempt to write... Continue Reading →

Favorite time of year

I love this time of year, it has always been special for me, but after 11+ years in Texas it is becoming even more so. Coming into fall (even though we still have triple digit temperatures) makes me happy because it means our summer is going to eventually end and there is the (somewhat distant)... Continue Reading →

Forgiveness is not easy

Sometimes you have to take the time To realize how truly blessed you are Sometimes you have to make the effort To learn how to forgive yourself   You will never be perfect You will always make mistakes The mistakes of your past May have haunted you for many years   It is time to... Continue Reading →

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