Today’s Pop Music – Sonnet

There’s nothing wrong with rock n roll

That raucous music, always on the edge

It runs so deep within my soul

But pop music today has me standing on the ledge


The safe & savory is now so out of control

Suddenly old hard rocking dudes

Are looking like the bastions of ethics & moral self-control

We’ve never seen a rock show so explicitly lewd


Pop music to me has gone too far

When Hannah Montana appears possessed

What desperate straits to remain a star

Just wait for the book when her secrets are confessed


Maybe I don’t understand, don’t belong in this fold

Or perhaps, I’m simply starting to get old


When I read this blog the other day, It got me thinking about trying to write a structured poem, try to fit into some rules instead of just a word explosion which is my usual style. I didn’t watch the VMAs or whatever it was last weekend, but it was all over the news enough for me to be thinking along the lins of the above. Hopefully I got close to my first real sonnet.



8 thoughts on “Today’s Pop Music – Sonnet

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  1. Nice poem! There is definitely a moral decline in society, At my age, I have seen several decades pass by and it seems that it gets worse and worse all the time. I actually won’t usually watch awards show any more because of the actions I see. They used to be great entertainment at one time–not now. So to finally get to my point–I think it i a combination of age and the moral decline.

  2. hey there Chris I think you did a great job on your first sonnet. I enjoyed your subject very much. I hope you enjoyed working with structure instead of just exploding on the page. Hoping I am awarding this badge correctly and you can put it on your page… Let me know if it doesn’t work… if you would like some friendly advice for tightening up you future sonnets let me know…

    1. Thank you!

      I really enjoyed trying to work with structure, it takes a lot more thought though! I could certainly use some pointers, I think I am going to try & work with structure more. Maybe once I get the feel for a sonnet I can move onto other disciplines also.

      I have no idea on the badge thing, I’ll have to spend some time on that too 🙂

      1. I think it’s great that you are going to try to work with structure. Your rhyme scheme is very good.The one pointer I would give you is to try tightening up on syllable count making each line uniform. if you use a set number of syllables in the first line try and make each line following the same syllable count. This is part of what gives the form its music… It will also make you think a little more about word selection to fit into the syllable count and thinking about how we express something is never a bad thing… other than that I think you are off and running with the Shakespearean Sonnet. I will be holding another workshop next week hoping to do them on a biweekly basis and after covering the different types of sonnet I will be moving on to other forms. I hope you will also participate in future workshops…

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