Undiagnosed Depression

Undiagnosed depression

You have haunted me for so long

Why then, does the thought of exposing you trouble me so?


Why does my body need more sleep than it used to?

Tiredness wracks my body like never before

Weary in mind and soul, is there no cure?


Oh weekend, dear weekend

Won’t you become my week?

Peace, connection, bliss, you are so precious


Lord God, oh my Lord

How can I stay fully connected to you?

The challenges I face vanish when I am in you


Challenges that are still there, yet they fall away like rain on a window

How oh Lord, how?

Am I so broken that I cannot even remember such a seemingly simple task?


Though there are struggles and troubles in this life

I will not thirst

For I drink from the fountain of living water


2 thoughts on “Undiagnosed Depression

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  1. “Though there are struggles and troubles in this life, I will not thirst, For I drink from the fountain of living water” Very positive words; words we all would do well to remember. Thank you for this poem Chris,

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