Cavernous Valleys

Cavernous valleys

Rolling thunder

Deserted solace

Emptiness overflowing


How is it so easy to consistently forget

Yet so difficult to consistently remember

That I do not walk alone

There is hope in this hopelessness


There is a redemptive guide

Who seeks to heal me

Just as he seeks to use me to heal others

Oh father, where art thou


In the midst of such struggle

Why do I forget you are there?

Even though I know it is you that carries me over the hot coals

That is how I feel the heat, yet do not suffer its punishment and wrath


Oh glorious father

Author of love

Take me now into your redemptive glory

Fill me afresh with life and spirit


Make me feel alive a new once more, for your glory

Let me sing to all the world

Of your amazing grace

Of how great though art

For it is well with my soul

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  1. Amen, Chris…..Sing out for the world to hear. David was broken when he cried out, and the world turns to his psalms for comfort. You bless others by your words and your own personal psalms…..I thank you for them. I, too, am struggling greatly today, and your words are a balm to my heart. Again, thank you.

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