Today’s Pop Music – Sonnet

There’s nothing wrong with rock n roll That raucous music, always on the edge It runs so deep within my soul But pop music today has me standing on the ledge   The safe & savory is now so out of control Suddenly old hard rocking dudes Are looking like the bastions of ethics &... Continue Reading →

Something of worth

A prompt, a theme, a focus Something other than what goes on Or has gone on, inside this recovering mind There is power in bringing light to the darkness There is power in healing the wounds   Yet there is more to life So surely there can be more to this too If the beauty... Continue Reading →

Song: Everything – reworked

  This took longer than intended (as usual) but I finally have the reworked version of the song My Everything ready. I came up with this alternative version when I was getting ready to record the original. I’ve become quite a fan of the tv show Live at Dary’s House over the last year & I... Continue Reading →

To PS4 or not to PS4?

On the surface of it this is a ridiculously simple question. I still enjoy video games, I still enjoy playing online with my friends, I’ve always loved what the next generation of each Playstation has brought to my entertainment life. So given that the new PS4 will be released in November, and for the specs,... Continue Reading →


Tick follows tock follows tick But wait, I have no clock Digital numbers progress The mind wanders, out of control Dirty insomnia drives me deeper   Despair knocking at the door Waited too long to drug this out Sleep will come eventually Not enough, far too late Tomorrow, which is already today Is already ruined... Continue Reading →

Who pressed fast forward on life?

Tiredness creeps through Drips down Like the leaky faucet that will just never stop Infiltrating every cell, every atom   Gravity feels doubled today The effort required to move Extenuated by missing desire Yet somehow, someway What is required is accomplished   The dark corner was never crawled into Groans were not transformed into screams,... Continue Reading →

The Deceptive Path

There are times in life, that are full of confusion When it appears that storms clouds linger above In the distance, appears to be a green and pleasant land The path over there appears idyllic It appears to be the thing that dreams are made of   However, be careful That path, is a deceptive... Continue Reading →

All in

I have come to the realization that being all in for Christ, is only going to really happen, when I actually go all it. It is one thing to commit in my mind or my heart. Yet when the rest of my life does not follow, then even though I want to be all in... Continue Reading →

When is God not enough?

When is God not enough?Never Sometimes the question is not understoodYou ask something but you are really asking something elseSometimes the prayer is not for what you think it isYou ask for help at work & he leads you to help with your mind You ask for help with your family and he leads you to help... Continue Reading →

Undiagnosed Depression

Undiagnosed depression You have haunted me for so long Why then, does the thought of exposing you trouble me so?   Why does my body need more sleep than it used to? Tiredness wracks my body like never before Weary in mind and soul, is there no cure?   Oh weekend, dear weekend Won’t you... Continue Reading →

Cavernous Valleys

Cavernous valleys Rolling thunder Deserted solace Emptiness overflowing   How is it so easy to consistently forget Yet so difficult to consistently remember That I do not walk alone There is hope in this hopelessness   There is a redemptive guide Who seeks to heal me Just as he seeks to use me to heal... Continue Reading →

The Disguise

He walks through life wearing a brilliant disguise He looks the part, the part they expect Yet he has never felt comfortable in that role He never conformed like he should have The destructive wild streak Feral instincts so difficult to subdue   Ashamed of the truth, he hides it The disguise serves him well... Continue Reading →

River of Rage

There is a river of rage That runs through my soul I can only pray That one day it does not overflow   When the floods come When the banks are put to the test Are the levies we have built Strong enough to contain?


So I have found myself in something of a funk recently. To the point where looking at getting help for depression is a subject that has been discussed frequently. I don’t know what caused it, I don’t know why I’m here in this place, I do know God wants to get me out of it... Continue Reading →

Recording & reading update

  I appear to have been slacking on documenting my reading & also music recording efforts. 2 reasons for this, 1st there is not that much to report & 2nd, progress has been slow on both fronts. I have been doing much reading, just not from my list of books, most of it online doing... Continue Reading →

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