Random WordPress thoughts

The strange thing about a really productive creative spell that you spread out over several days of posting is you get likes on new posts that you don’t remember what they are about

The app is too picky if I if like your post 10 times, it’s because it didn’t show up. If I follow and unfollow and refollow you, I’m fat fingering things

Blog awards are a very nice thing, but the rules feel too much like chain letters for me to want to play along

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  1. I keep following and unfollowing people all the time because the button on my iPhone is way too small and next to another button….and UGH!!!! I feel the same about the awards. I usually just thank the person, and then put them into my award section. I cannot do the instructions….I barely have enough time to keep up with all the posts in a way that honors my friends here. And, I get worried that my other friends feel the same way about them!!

    Please know, I will never award you……I am officially here to tell you, I think you deserve them all…..AND if I ever unfollow you and then follow you……it is MY fat fingers too…..although, I will never admit to having fat fingers in public, you hear!! 😀 Have a great day!

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