The Desert Of The Mundane

Lunchtime, an escape, a brief oasis in the desert of mundane

Freedom from the man, from working for the man

A man who is not there, the man who is not watching

But the man who seems to control your entire existence


So you go, to a place of sanctuary

And you stare at people trying to get you to give them

What you spent all morning doing,

They want to take your money


Buy this, buy that, you need this, you need that

You’ll feel better if you have this, you’ll feel better if you get that

And so you give in, because you know they’re right

You do feel better, it’s brief but it’s blissful


And all of a sudden, before you know it

You have to work at least 2 more hours to make up for what you just did

And that’s on top of all the responsibilities, the bills

The challenges of survival


So you go back, you start again

You make your way through the day

When you’re done you go home

You might work out, get a bit of exercise


You do what needs to be done in order to maintain your health

So you can live as long as possible

So that maybe one day, one day, for a brief period

You might not have to answer to the man


While you’re doing this you go home

You raise your children, you raise your heir

The heir to your throne

You teach them how to best survive the desert of the mundane


Hoping that maybe they will get to spend a little more time in the oasis than you did

Because all the desert of the mundane does is make you crave the oasis

That sweet pool of joy, that swift flash of bliss

Before you have to return, to the soul crushing destruction

Of doing what must be done



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