There is therefore now no condemnation

In this fallen and broken world

Troubles will surely come

One day or another

Your courage and your determination

Will be tested as a result


Yet He Himself said


Take heart, for I have conquered the world                          John 16:33


Perspective, it is so difficult to control

The world tells us we are screwed

Yet there is hope available if you look outside the world


Do not be conformed to this present world,                                                         Romans 12:2

But be transformed by the renewing of your mind

So that you may test and approve what is the will of God.


In this life there is something we must not do

Yet it is so easy, natural, for us to do

We must not confuse the facts with the truth


The truth is that God will bring good

Out of your terrible facts

You are not being punished


There is therefore now no condemnation                                              Romans 8:1

For those who are in Christ Jesus


God is NOT punishing you for your sins

That was finished and paid for at the cross

Yes there are consequences for your actions still

But that is not God punishing you.


For I consider that our present sufferings                                              Romans 8:18

Cannot even be compared

To the glory that will be revealed to us


The glory that will come out of

Walking with God

Through your sufferings

Will over power your suffering


And we know that all things work                                            Romans 8:28

Together for good for those who love God

And are called according to His purpose


God is working to leverage your situation

In this broken world

For your good

Nothing can separate you from Him


If you focus of the facts

The problem snowballs

It only ever gets bigger

Quit searching for answers and

Start searching for God


For He has all the answers

Allow Jesus to change your perspective

When your perspective changes

Everything changes

When God shows up

You will never be the same





These are basically my sermon notes from last Sunday, Toby gave an amazing lesson as usual. They had an almost lyrical way to them as I took them down, slightly edited & you get what you see here. Hopefully you got something from it.







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