Brad Paisley

Saturday July 27th, I (we) finally got to see Brad Paisley in concert. I say finally because this is the 3rd time we have had tickets to see him, but the first time we have actually seen him. He usually plays at the Fair Park amphitheatre (it changes its sponsored name every 3 days it... Continue Reading →

Tour de Goatneck – 2013

My cycling season has not quite gone as planned. I skipped the ride I was scheduled to do in May as it was the week after my vacation & frankly I was exhausted and didn’t want to go do it. The ride I had planned on doing in June clashed with my Mum visiting from... Continue Reading →

Song Title Poetry

Usually song title poetry doesn't work for me, but when looking at this short list of worship songs I want to learn I saw a short poem, it reads like this; We give you praise and all of the glory Running to your arms I love your presence

Random WordPress thoughts

The strange thing about a really productive creative spell that you spread out over several days of posting is you get likes on new posts that you don't remember what they are about The app is too picky if I if like your post 10 times, it's because it didn't show up. If I follow... Continue Reading →


Intimidation, fear What you thought you knew Is not what you remember Uncomfortable, afraid You retreat, observe   Uncontrollable, dominant Fearless, forcefully advancing Yet what you think you see Is not what you see It is what is happening inside, What is in control, that makes the difference   The old self, dead The new... Continue Reading →

The Problem

I have the solution to your problem Unfortunately there is another problem The problem is that you don’t want the solution Which means that what was initially one problem Is now two & multiplying by the moment If only there were a solution To such a problem

The Challenge

My will is weak And my strength is none Yet you press me and test me   Am I trapped in actions Decisions shaped by the past Living in my mistakes   Then you decide this is a good time For the next chapter? To test my mettle   I will fail, I always fail... Continue Reading →

The Trigger

What triggers the fall? How is it possible To go from overwhelming euphoria Celebrating how amazing life is on a Sunday To despairing depression by Tuesday What is the trigger, what is the key? There has to be a secret to a more Balanced, consistent emotional state If only you would tell me…..


Permanently and incurably dissatisfied Broken and defective Ungracious mud struggler     Temporarily distorted outlook Vision twisted Attacked by lies   Graciously loved Infused with power, with love The battle is hard & long   Victory is certain The future is secure My destiny is triumphant


Life, where you Walk and you spin Disorientation   Back and forth Up and down Disorientation   Right or wrong Love or hate Disorientation   Where to go Where you’ve been Disorientation   Future hopes Nebulous regrets Disorientation  

The Choice

As you embark down the road of life, the direction you are sent down might not be the way you would have chosen to go. Sometimes you are a long way down that road before you really realize that it wasn’t the road for you. At that point you are faced with a choice, neither... Continue Reading →

The Desert Of The Mundane

Lunchtime, an escape, a brief oasis in the desert of mundane Freedom from the man, from working for the man A man who is not there, the man who is not watching But the man who seems to control your entire existence   So you go, to a place of sanctuary And you stare at... Continue Reading →


Exploration of truth Outside the rules Rules made by those Who don't understand the truth Truth is freedom and life Not a cage to restrict and confine, but The freedom to be, and express The true being that you were created to be That is truth & life in the truth

Blast Furnace

It can be deceptive when you initially encounter it It embraces you, like an old friend As you escape your artificially cooled environment A firm hand shake saying welcome back to reality   It does not take long though For this old “friend” to start trying to take advantage of you An oppressive assault on... Continue Reading →


Translucent nourishment Cascades gently from the sky Bringing new life To what was seemingly on its death bed   The air cools as iridium gray Covers the horizon As the air cools, it thickens Breathing is more of a challenge than normal   As sweet as it is brief The “cool” front passes We return... Continue Reading →

Sometimes I Miss the City

Sometimes I miss the city I miss feeling like I belong Not lost in a sprawling mass of muddled towns But part of something identifiable   Sometimes I miss walking to the store Stumbling home from the pub Maybe catching a train Or riding the bus with stinky people   Most days though, I prefer... Continue Reading →

TDF – Stage 15 – Wow, just wow

The last few years have been very enjoyable as a British cycling fan. From watching Mark Cavendish establish himself as possibly the greatest sprinter of all time, to seeing Bradley Wiggins come to the fore after an incredible Olympic career establishing himself as a pro & then last year claiming the ultimate prize of victory... Continue Reading →

There is therefore now no condemnation

In this fallen and broken world Troubles will surely come One day or another Your courage and your determination Will be tested as a result   Yet He Himself said   Take heart, for I have conquered the world                          John 16:33   Perspective, it is so difficult to control The world tells us we are... Continue Reading →

Higher Ground

To slip into the role of passenger Ambling down the road of life Not weary, not trying Simply getting by   Oh how I enjoy to fall into anonymity It is so deeply pleasing not to press Not to try, simply to be But I know that road & I know where it leads  ... Continue Reading →

Make me want to move

Tired, heat, desire gone I want to continue Yet I don’t make the time Inspiration has drifted Yet I know I need to push through Writing has become like working out I need to do it, I just don’t want to right now Life got busy, summer got hot Neither makes me want to move... Continue Reading →

America the beautiful

America the beautiful  Land of my dreams Endless possibilities So vastly diverse     When I was a boy   You were car chases Bumbling cops And gun fights     When I was a teen  You gave me music You gave me rock stars And guitars inspired     When I was an adult ... Continue Reading →


Some call it cultureless I call it the great cultural melting pot The author of dreams The home of freedom   No matter your origin No matter your history You can add to this great culture With your own   You can blend in You can become and belong So many differences In the people... Continue Reading →

The Patience Formula

It has been said that I have no patience That my fuse can be too short However, I believe that the measurements have been inaccurate To determine my true patience level You must apply The patience formula   Time in milliseconds Plus stupidity Multiplied by incompetence   Then you will see That I should be... Continue Reading →

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