For the Veterans

war 6

To have been places unthinkablewar

To have seen things unimaginable

To have done things seemingly unforgivable


In the heat of the desert

In the dark of the junglewar 2

In the mountainous back of beyond


You built bonds no one on the outside could understand

You saw your brothers die

You carry the scars with you, wherever you go


To offer your soulwar 3

To offer your mind

To offer your life


For what? For everything that you believe in

To defend your family

To defend your country


war 5

For truth

For justice

For freedom


You are honor

You are humble pride

You are integritywar 4

You are our warriors


Without you, we speak another language

Without you, we suffer unspeakable horrors

Without you, we are not here


I thank you, with all that I amwar 7

We thank you, with all that we are

Thank you, for being the ultimate in humanity



My words, my thank you’s, will never be enough, yet they are all I have to offer. My appreciation for those who serve to protect us is immense, a lot of the time at a sub-conscious level, but it is always there. I might not always agree with the politicians who chose to enter into war, but I have nothing but love for those, who for whatever reason, have been willing to say I will defend my country, even up to death. Hopefully the pain of PTSM will only ever be something I can imagine. However I have a friend who I know suffers from it, maybe more who are undiagnosed or keeping it in. If you have friends or family that are veterans, be there for them, thank them, let them know that you are grateful, don’t pry, but be ready to listen when they want / need to talk. There is a burden that those who survive carry with them always, they did it for us, so we should help to carry that burden.

Peace & Love



6 thoughts on “For the Veterans

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    1. There are many good charities doing great work for the vets & their families. My office is heavily involved with the Snowball Express.
      Thanks for reading!

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