Reminders and Discipline

There comes a time on ones journey to improve, that you need a little reminded that you are on the journey. I had such a moment last week, while getting to spend an enjoyable week with a family member who happens to be a non-Christian. As you know, my view on that is that we... Continue Reading →

Run To You

As I get tangled in the snares of this world You always cut me free Allowing me to continue To run towards you

My Everything – the video

When I was recording this song I had always planned to try & make a video for it. I don’t know about kids today, but when I was a lad it wasn’t a song if there wasn’t a video for it 😉 Originally I thought I would video myself recording the song & make one... Continue Reading →

A Summer Evening

Dragon flies buzz the Warm summer air Patrolling in squadrons Overhead of the tables Filled with picnicking families The orchestra strikes up A wonderful familiar symphony Peace and relaxation Are joined by comfort and happiness As fog is pumped in The trees make a target For dancing lasers Projecting fantasy The roar of the fireworks... Continue Reading →

Therapy – Just not enough

Therapy; talking it through Good advice, a nice chat Positive thinking Moving on   Nice ideas, yet ultimately flawed There is only one path to true healing There is only one way to true change Nothing, but the blood of Jesus   Kingdom principles, applied to the matrix Effective guidelines, but Ridiculously underused, like a... Continue Reading →

Chasing Time

  Of all the things I would like to do Write in greater depth Think thoughts that require stationary patience Write music that does not sound hurried Read in a way that stays in the memory Not just a fleeting moment in time That vanishes just as swiftly as it was beautiful All these things... Continue Reading →

Happy Fathers Day

They say that over 60% of your identity comes from your father Which leave the fatherless generation in quite the quandary What if your father is not there, or no good? Where does that leave your identity?   A bad father skews your image of God A bad father will leave you believing lies about... Continue Reading →


Gone, consigned to a memory As swiftly as the watching world moved in They move on And there you are, stuck in the rubble Left alone Wondering what will become of what was Where will you go? How will you be? How did they forget so quickly? Where is the news crew? The helpful volunteers... Continue Reading →

The Coolest Cat You Ever Saw

The coolest cat you ever sawRiding in a 20 year old HondaCigarette burns in the seat from 4 owners agoFaded dashboard, broken dialsHe cares notHe’s too cool for it not to be coolHeld together with glueMore money in the radio than the entire vehicle is worthDaft Punk blaringHead rockingSunglasses representingHe revels in his youthHe knows... Continue Reading →


The writer writes, the poet muses Wrapped with concern The words flow & fill the page He stores them, safe and sound   But the cloud is a lie Misconstrued, the words become a threat Creative beauty is received as terror Wire taps, and surveillance   A peaceful, if troubled, life Forever changed By uninvited... Continue Reading →


So why write and record music & place it on my blog? One word; fear. I have lived with a crippling fear of rejection for most of my life. There was not one giant incident that caused this, it was built from the cumulative effect of many small things over many years. The fear of... Continue Reading →

Song: My Everything

I have finally finished, or as finished as I am going to get. Here it is, my 2nd completed song recording. It took a lot longer than I had originally intended, I had hoped to have this done by the beginning of May, I don’t think I started until then, life can be a distraction... Continue Reading →

For the Veterans

To have been places unthinkable To have seen things unimaginable To have done things seemingly unforgivable   In the heat of the desert In the dark of the jungle In the mountainous back of beyond   You built bonds no one on the outside could understand You saw your brothers die You carry the scars... Continue Reading →

Good morning

Flower box in a window Plastic elephant walking through A miniature jungle The hippo carries the window Over the plains Towards a muddy waterfall As an orangutan Skis down a mountain And jumps And flies through the window In the middle of it all With a great crash And a shriek Then it is over... Continue Reading →

The Hangover

How is it that the last one is always one too many? Or was it the one before that? When the ability to reason was removed   How can you decide to play with death Only a week after making the bold declaration That you are no longer interested in such things?   How can... Continue Reading →

Oh Future

That annoyingly difficult place Where things are not so bad That you feel like it is worth the effort to make a change But not so good that you feel that very same change is unnecessary Oh future, with your guarded secrets With your demands of effort, patience & soul What will you show me... Continue Reading →

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