I do not like the casino

Something deep inside me is repulsed by it

I don’t know if it is the stale smoke

The desperate souls blindly giving their money

In the hope that today is their lucky day


It could be that I can do math & understand odds.

Maybe it is the putrid décor

That looks like Christmas and voodoo had a baby that threw up everywhere

Possibly it is the supposedly stimulating noises

That make me want to run wild with a sledge hammer


I imagine it is a combination of all these things

Yet through all that

I bet I wind up in there by the end of the week

You know, just to see if is MY lucky day

Lord help me



Written on day 2, other than passing through to get to the other side I stayed out of it all week. Note that I have no moral objection to gambling, if that is your thing and you’re not an addict, have fun, it’s just not my thing, I’d rather but a video game or some new music.




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