Day 2 oberservations

Some other random thoughts from day of our cruise 2 that didn’t quite fit in the journal post.


Day 2 observation 1 – the side effects of reading

When I read something that I enjoy, I start to think along the same patterns as the author writes. Words appear, appropriately, that are usually far from my everyday vocabulary / vernacular. I’m sure this is not unique to me, but I find it interesting regardless. I suppose it is not dissimilar from watching an engaging movie & having to adjust back to reality as you exit the theater. I recall on more than one occasion being on the lookout for bad guys in the parking lot.


Day 2 observation 2 – people drinking

I don’t know how people can dedicate an entire day to getting drunk. I say this, quite ridiculously, as someone who was once an expert on the subject. However I was young, dumb and broken. I’ve seen so many seemingly mature people losing their day to booze today & it strokes me sad.

Oddly my reaction to this observation & resulting happiness that I no longer am bound by such chains, was to go and have a beer 🙂 Hypocrite? Maybe (probably). Although it is one thing to enjoy the rich textular flavours of a fine ale, it is another all together to be controlled by it, especially when it is something as repugnant as bud light. Yes I am a beer snob, no I do not apologize for this.

I guess people are really just letting their hair down and enjoying themselves in whatever fashion they feel suits them best. So long as they are not hurting anyone (unlike the old guy & young man we saw brawling earlier), then I suppose it is their choice and their life. I think my experience is my advantage here. I know how they are going to feel tomorrow. This is why it is easy for me to embrace moderation. I don’t care to feel like death warmed up ever again if I can avoid it.


Day 2 observation 3

Do you know why I like my lap-top? My hand hurts from cramp and my finger is rubbing raw from writing. This pen crap is b/s  I tell you.


Day 2 observation 4

My goodness, I have opened the writing floodgates with this journal or sorts. It is comically exhausting switching between reading, writing, watching & sitting still. Yet it is invigorating, wonderfully so.



I have about 5 other pieces from day 2, but I think I will disperse those between the additional journal entries as my lateral thinking calmed down through the week.

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