A Good influence

I had a rather special moment as a parent on day 2 of our cruise. I as was writing my poem inspired by the ship’s wake, my daughter joined me on the balcony to inquire about what I was doing. When I told her I was writing poetry she asked if she could join me. For the next few minutes we both were on the balcony together writing poetry.

The more I have thought about this moment, the more it makes me happy, it gives me a real sense of imparting something good onto my daughter.  I don’t know how many times in my life I could be considered a genuinely good influence, but this was certainly one of them.


My 7 year old daughter’s poem that she titled Love Poem:

The ocean is so green and blue

But as we sail through the days

The ocean gets bluer

And filled with hearts

That are made of love

She wasn’t happy that the ocean was not blue in Galveston, I know that is where the beginning came from, the rest, came from her heart & warmed mine.

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